Sunday, 26 February 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #77 - Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters, "Underrated Silence"

I've only just found out that Ulrich is also in Engineers. I really liked that eponymous Engineers album. Although back in those days there was less of this endorphin rock about and I suppose they would have stood further out.

Mark Peters is a fellow Engineer. The album cover is a monochrome wintry mountain daylight scene. All very dream pop so far. The album runs through a wide ranges of grey - like a Mancunian sky - from tupperware to slate: this is not an insult. Rather it's a reflection of how many shades of grey I come across in my daily life.

"Yesterday Didn't Exist" starts off in a very BoC territory before some Glockenspiel gives it a slightly creepy mechanical twist. Although if yesterday didn't exist, this kind of music would have to invent it. "The Child or the Pigeon" has a more homecoming feel about it, the bouncy piano and warm guitar lick being all uplifting and that. Although I can't help wondering who's having to decide between a child and a pigeon. "Amoxicillin" has the epic Flash Gordon sweep about it. I'm not sure what antibiotics have to do with it - it does a little clinical perhaps. (Why am I being so fussy about the titles again?)

"Gift Horse's Mouth" injects a livelier spirit into the majestic, drizzly torpor of the album. It's very welcome because things have begun to sound very similar. Perhaps I can have too much grey after all.
Rating: Grey Sun Moving out of Clouds

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