Saturday, 4 February 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #46 - Errors, "Have Some Faith In Magic"

Back in the land of the electronic blizzard.

Epic math-rock electronic bombastic business. Music with which to explore the stars. Powered by motherboards and pieces of plastic with ghost voices of the crew in suspended animation and the distorted guitars they hear in their dreams. Ulysses 31 with proton packs and even cooler beards. (Though I'm sure it's actually possible to have a cooler beard.)

"Tusk" doesn't have an obvious Fleetwood Mac connection, but there is some wailing guitar and swooping keys. "Magna Encarta" carries a big suitcase, stuffed with Fuck Buttons-like tension, distant vocals and a mini-Radiophonic workshop of other bits and pieces, doodling and oozing in and out. "Pleasure Palaces" cracks out the hand-claps and some hedonistic pulses - touch of that there New Order.

I feel the need to map out all these keyboard onto some kind of chart, drawing out all the connections they make until I have a tube map of my understanding of these beautiful, electronic noises. But I have no idea where to start. Would it all pour out of Kraftwerk, squidly and sleek? Or would it be a messy Gordian nest of intertangled wires, new threads cropping up all over the landscape?

"The Knock" could be an extended theme for an Eighties semi-supernatural cop shop - Bergerac meets Sapphire and Steel meets Tomorrows World. "Canon" is a patient piece of terror. "Earthscore" has some Depeche Mode like vocals chopped into the mix amongst the fractals and surprise bongos. "Cloud Chamber" fills up with the kind of disco gasses you'd expect from the writing on the tin. Finally, "Holus-Bolus" skirts Koyaanisqatsi-like across the face of the home planet on its return trajectory.

This shares a lot of echo, fuzz and fog with a lot of that dream house/witch pop coalition that dominates huge swathes of my earscape at the moment. But it's reached this point from a different place and propulsed by Errors own steam. I'm not sure what the title is about though. I'm a believer, baby: but there's some spark missing that would move it out from the electro-mechanical to the magical.

Rating: Blasting out of Mathrockospheres

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