Saturday, 18 February 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #64 - Tennis, "Young and Old"

By my reckoning, my current pace will leave me 30 albums short by year's end - so I need to apply myself more.

Patrick Carney of The Black Keys produced this, I understand. So you got your zeitgeist right there. It certainly sounds pretty fresh and crisp with the piano and bass combo pushed to the fore as you might expect. It swings back and forth in an indie ballroom kind of way. Or like a tennis match doth.

It's probably wrong of me, but I find her voice a little squeaky and annoying. (Again with the gender-based critique of the voice. I need to try harder.)

No real danger, no gamble. I'd look for a bit more drama. Maybe it's more cheerful than I'm feeling at the moment. The couple at the centre of the music have gotten themselves married to one another since the last one (their first), so maybe that would explain the happiness.

"When I pass away/All this will fade away." A very sweet form of nihilism.

Rating: Happiness out of Wedlock

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