Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #42 - Prinzhorn Dance School, "Clay Class"

Not much time to do this justice. Work early in the morning. 42 albums needing to be listened by the end of the month to try and keep on target for the Big 500 for the year.

Prinzhorn remind me of the lamented 120 Minutes that used to bleed out my TV from MTV2 back in them Noughties: the sinewy basslines, the home-made videos, the intensity on their faces. Usually some top notch animation as well. But MTV only has eyes for Hulk Hogan these days. Douches.

"Fuck-bruises on skinny arms" - that's a good line. There's a timely, late Seventies/early Eighties economic downturn feel, summoning up Gang of Four or The Fall or Young Marble Giants. "Skinny trees/Naked in winter/Britain in Bloom": are you sensing a pattern? Sparse and insomniac and wintry. Elegant strumming. And I absolutely love bassline-heavy musics.

And at the end, "Shake Your Jar" reminds us to "rattle their cages" and "let the fight back in". Sleek and to the point, yeah?

Rating: Slogans out of Necessity

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