Sunday, 30 December 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #345 - JJ Doom, "Keys to the Kuffs"

I listened to this a couple of times with my brother. It was on vinyl and it was his Christmas present. I wasn't able to make many notes - mental or otherwise. It was disorienting at first, as per usual, until it's own idiosyncratic rhythms start to assert themselves.

It seems a bit weird that he doesn't quite the handle on Cockney right on "Guv'nor", seeing as he lived in London as a kid. Maybe he's looking to integrate himself, as he mentions Cockney again on "Banished" and I don't remember him ever mentioned it before*. The tune has that sense of being scribbled out as a sketch of an idea that many of his tunes do. He seems to make minimum effort to maximum effect.

"Dawg Friendly" dawdles at a dirty pulse.I think "Viberian Sun" was another one that stood out, phased noises and small levels of chaos. "Wash Your Hands" was about germs, perhaps, or trying to get off with a woman in the club - "a sex machine/That makes bacteria...The real enemy is microscopic".

We listened. But there were tiny nephews for us to keep eyes on and my ears wandered. Still, I did listen to it, so I add it to the albums of the year. Thanks.

Rating: Overlistened out of Nephews

* Just found out, he moved to London two years ago. A-ha! He wasn't let back into the US because of having a UK passport and despite living in New York for over forty years.

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