Friday, 28 December 2012

The 2kDozen 500 #343 - Lone, "Emerald Fantasy Tracks"

There was an album that I had planned to listen to for a while on my iPhone version of Spotify, but hadn't got round to it. Then I carelessly moved on from that album, and I'm not sure what the album was now. This was possibly it. And whether it wasn't the actual one or not, I'm glad of the chance to hear it. It's a bit like house-ier uptempo Boards of Canada, crackles and pops on every surface.

This album is actually from 2010, but I liked the cover better than the one for Galaxy Garden this year. Perhaps because it also evokes BoC more cleanly. It fits the title too - there's a feel of the sea here. Or the seaside, more specifically. Somewhere between sunrise in Ibiza and family sandwiches on the beach at Trearddur Bay.

"Re-Schooling" shatters along - a glass disco, bouncing from one wall to the other, lurching about in its own Nineties soup. I really like it. It almost rehabilitates that mixed bag of a decade for me. Everything sounds good for fifteen minutes sooner or later, I guess.

"Rissotowe_4" is pushed on by an internal clockwork logic that keeps a simple pattern very interesting. The album is full of fizzing and popping, where in so many other albums there is slump and drift. This might make them a bit wearing to other listeners; but I really like it. At times the motherboards really seize hold and the music fractals off into some very beautiful spaces, dragging me along with it. Like A Guy Called Gerald at his most delirious.

Bless his little woollen hat.

Rating: Sprialling Blasts out of Seaside Pasts

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