Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #133 - Death Grips, "The Money Store"

Not out yet, and not listenable in a form I could be bothered to search for very far. But The Quietus had already had a good look around and brought together a few of the tracks here - here! And I can't wait any much longer. So here...

It's still scary stuff. Electric with the live sound, and MC Ride is gruff as fuck. "Get Got" is the opener, a screeching pile up of noises and tricky-sounding samples. Ride is in full mumbling zombie homeless mode over these restless sounds. "The Fever (Aye Aye)" is harder to follow (something about a "deviated septum"?), an actual fever of barked lyrics over a harsh but relatively playful backing track of bendy keyboards and hoover-ish sounds.

Angry, metallic digeridoo at the start of "Lost Boys" before even angrier bass pulses slide in under a possibly angrier yet Ride. "It's such a long way down", he roars. Not sure where to, but I'm sure it's somewhere I don't want to see. "Black Jack" sweeps in and down and up from the back of something - loads of infernal backwards rap sounds. Most of them inaudible to me, but I reckon this is . Death Grips are in a messy place.

Funny how less scary I find this music. Its aggression and despair is on a level and in a format I can understand and identify with, as opposed to the dead sounds of gangsta bitching this and popping clips that. I suppose it's more angsty and metal. "I Seen Footage" takes this metal edge and drives it hard into the middle of the Salt 'n' Pepa Push It rattle and sex-bass until all the magnetic power is worn off the tape: "I seen crazy shit". I have heard some crazy shit.

I've not been able to listen to any more of it. But when I can, I will scare the living shit out of myself with it over and again.

Rating: Incomplete out of Angry Mess

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