Thursday, 8 December 2011

Eighties Business: Real Estate - "Days"

Oooh, there's a powerful thud of the Eighties here.

A kick and a push and the decade has come back.

Lots of Johnny Marr swirl - or so it seemed at first. One of them there Richenbachers or somesuch. There's almost a hint of The Shadows or "Brothers In Arms" in the way they gently swing from one tune to the next. And there's that preppy, slightly dreamy vocal style that has been rolling its way across the Pond since this whole pop business kicked off and Churchill was King or whatever.

It's on Domino, which is encouraging. It's featuring on 2011 Albums lists, which means a little less because I don't know half the other albums - and anyway who listens to albums now? It even registered in the US charts, Wikipedia has informed me.

My usual bad habit: not listening to lyrics. But this album seems so much more about the geeetars. Gentle washing waves of soothing jangle. I'm cracking open my pipe and slippers. What lyrics I can make out when I really concentrate seem to be about girls and driving around. And what else is there to write about if you're fairly happy. And these guys sound happy.

Rating: Pleasant out of New Jersey

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