Sunday, 4 April 2010

Chocolate Fear Of The Big Booming Daddy

Howdo? and Howdo!

I'm watching me the end of the Tim Burton version of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Very poor how it entwines the whole American obsession with the Patriarchal into the end. Everyone in the US seems so obsessed with the Daddy Within. Or at least it runs through American pop culture like an unravelling stitch on a poorly weft fabric.

I like the Gene Wilder one much more, even though it's maybe a bit more sappy. The point is that Wonka is the father figure, not some creepy over-toothed older brother at the dinner table. Or is that the point? Even if it isn't, we don't need a dentist and people following their destiny even if it's against the parental wishes and blah baby boomer blah... On the other hand, a bit of Christopher Lee is always a good thing.

An unfocused mind railing against the locusts, gumming up my mental air-con.

Peace and fucking! Believe!

Your pal, Coc x

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