Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Title Wanted - Enquire Within

Take a sideways squint at this, and tell me your words.

I've been meaning to try and write my review-type opinions of an album for some time. Cowardice has meant that it had to be about a band I knew quite well, personally even. And I betray my background in English Lit Crit quite nakedly.

But I was struck that The Nightjars were singing almost all the time about the city, the band's muse and its tormenting Furie. All Greek mythology and shit. It was the same feeling I got about the Polytechnic's LP, that it was all about them negotiating with the music business - "Won't You Come Around?", "Rain Check", and of course, "Cold-Hearted Business".

Here, here - look here!

Perhaps I should stick to penning songs about unemployed military donkeys.

Your pal,

Coc x

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