Thursday, 29 November 2012

The 2kDozen 500: #338 - Tame Impala, "Lonerism"

Massive Beatles overhang. That whiny, overdubbed Lennon vocal, echoing against the walls of his lysergic Primal Scream capsule. Sounds as though George Martin has been tinkering with the timpani - and I like it.

"Apocalypse Dreams" has a lung-bursting pair of legs running through the middle, ideal for exploration of the woozy cosmos. The walls of the middle eight also slide uneasily. Towards the end, some hoarse afterburners are kicked into action - and they spiral down into the sky. "Mind Mischief" also has a bendy Yellow Submarine rainbow bent through the middle of it, curved round a delicious crusty guitar line.

The pony may have the one trick - and a well-worn trick at that. But it's still a powerful one. Even though "Why Won't They Talk To Me?" loops over and over on itself, the bubbly flute works nicely underneath. The heavy drums stake it apart from the less-rooted product from the likes of Ariel Pink. And "Elephant" is beefier yet, steroids mixed in with the acid. It's one of my favourite singles of the year, which helps. Big, shredded keyboard/guitar claws run through the juice in the middle. All good gravy. Afterburners also set to disco; astral skinheads doing headbut ballets with thumbs tucked in their belt loops.

A minor gripe, which I may even quite like, is that a lot of the titles ("She Just Won't Believe Me") reflect that the words don't always match up to the appetite of the music. But the music is so sweet, that it seems churlish to expect more of the words. "Nothing Has Happened So Far..." is falling over itself to paint the ceiling with colour and light. Some nice close-up piano on the closer "Sun's Coming Up" before it dissolves into some reverb-laden guitar wanking. In a nice way.

Rating: Forcing Me out of Baby Retirement

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