Thursday, 27 November 2008

No more Woolworths, eh?

Where m'I going to go to get cheap DVD-Rs now? £20 DVD players? Batman figures that I bought in the mid-1990s? I know that there are places where I'll be able to buy these things, but it all seems more complicated now somehow...

A big piece of my childhood landscape will disappear from the middle of Bangor, which is a very strange thing to dwell on indeed. Especially in the build up to Xmas. I read somewhere I think that Woolies do 60% of their annual business in the run-up to Weihnachten.

Hmmm. Missed a comma or two there; don't know if anyone noticed. I don't think any journal will be reporting on my thoughts on whether Woolies do 60% of their business whenever. It's more likely that I meant to write that "I read somewhere, I think, that..."

Either way, shit for Woolies. And shit for people who like to go out and buy cheap wrapping paper. Though I suppose those cunts at ASDA do it now. Evil little whelps. Couldn't give a shit about MFI or whatever though. Just fewer ads for Boxing Day sofas in the middle of the Xmas movies.

On another note, my excitement about the Breeders' ATP in May ( is building sternly with the news that Shellac and Gang of Four will be taking part. Shellac are great fun, like clever older brothers. Gang of Four might fit the usual profile of auld bands and be a bit disappointing - except Dinosaur Jr, who wailed.

Handsome Nick, Slinky and Dr LT are all on board. My fingers are crossed that tickets are bought before my money runs out.

Your pal, Coc x

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